Color Variations



BLUE-BAR  This bird has two black or dark gray stripes or "bars" on each light-gray wing. It has a dark-gray body and shiny, rainbow-like neck feathers  




SPREAD  This bird has one dark color spread all over its body  






CHECKER  This bird looks a little like a checkerboard. Its wing feathers have checks of light and dark.  






PIED WHITE  This bird has white as well as other colors on its body. The "pied white flight" has white wing feathers, which are easy to see when the bird is flying.  






PIED SPLASH  The "pied splash" pigeon has one or more spots of white.  






WHITE  This bird is solid white  






RED-BAR    This bird is a light brown with two dark brownish red bars on the wingsThis bird has two red stripes or "bars" on each light-gray wing. It also has a rusty-red or brown shade to its body.  




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