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Q. How long have you guys been hunting pigeons for and how did you get into such a sport?

A. For over 15 years now. It all started when a family friend told us to come out and shoot and remove all the starling and pigeons at their dairy. The starlings were fun and all, but there was something to be said about the pigeons and how they would respond to the dead ones laying on the ground. We started to save all the dead ones for the next time we went out so we had a decoy spread to start things off in the morning. Years later, after getting sick of saving all the dead pigeons, we came up with our first pigeon decoy and started the company "Soar No More"!


Q. Do you need any special license to hunt pigeons?

A. No, all you need to hunt pigeons is a basic hunting license. Just to be safe though, check with your local fish and game for specific regulations.


Q. Are there any regulation on those birds?

A. Not really, since they're not a game bird, there are No Limits, No Season, and No Rules. That's what makes this sport so fun because there's nothing to worry about. You can hunt at all times of the year and shoot for as long as you want.


Q. What does it mean when you shoot a pigeon with a band on its leg?

A. Shooting a banded bird doesnt mean too much.  Fish and wildlife services don't band the pigeons like they do to ducks or geese. All waterfowl hunters know what we are talking about. It's just fun for any pigeon hunter to collect the variation of bands if they happen to shoot one. They come in all different colors and metals. Pigeon racers are the ones who band them when the pigeon is 5 days old. Does that mean we are shooting someones pet...NO, It means that at one point there were someones pet until they flew off and grouped up with some feral pigeons and became wild.


Q. Do you eat the pigeon after you get done hunting or what do you do with them?

A. Depends on where we shoot the birds. If we are shooting them out of any grain field, we eat them. We have some amazing Recipes on our website under Articles, so give any of those a try! But if we are shooting them out of a dairy or feedlot, then we despose of them after the hunt. Many of those pigeons carry diseases and should not be eaten. Its legal to throw them away because their not a game bird and they are considered pests, but check with your state regulations before doing so. 

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