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Terms and conditions:

  • The Giveaway starts June 1, 2017 and runs through Aug 31, 2017.


  • Each person will get one entry into the drawing for every $25 worth of product spent on soarnomore.com, not including shipping costs (Example: order $300 worth of product, your name goes into the drawing 12 times).


  • Again, shipping costs are not included in the dollar amount spent.



  • Grand Prize: Hunt wiith Soar No More and Mojo Outdoors for a TV episode of Mojo Outdoors TV. A brand-new Shotgun from CZ-USA. Two cases of shotgun shells from Federal Premium Ammunition. A layout blind from Final Approach, and a gift basket featuring select gear from our sponsors.


  • The hunt will happen mid-late summer 2018 (determined by Mojo's schedule. Specific hunt dates will be finalized by Spring of 2018). Travel, transportation, the hunt, and lodging are included for the winner. CZ-USA shotgun, Final Approach Blind and Federal Ammunition shells can be shipped to the winner right after drawing if they desire instead of waiting for the hunt in 2018. The hunt may or may not be used as an episode of Mojo Outdoors TV show at the discretion of Mojo Outdoors, dependent on quality and usability of video attained.



  • The winner isn't allowed to sell/giveaway this hunt to anyone else besides him or herself (if you are purchasing items off soarnomore.com for anyone else or want to give your entries to someone else, please make that note under "Order Notes" in checkout). Excludes outside the USA, NY, and FL due to state regulations.



 2014 Money-Band Mania!

In addition to 100 birds let loose in 2013, Soar No More will be releasing over 100 white pigeons across the United States in 2014 wearing leg bands worth between $25-$1000. If you happen to harvest one of these birds, write to sales@soarnomore.com to verify the worth of the band, and instructions on how to collect the bounty!


SNM Pigeon Smackdown 2016

The annual pigeon hunting contest will take place the months of July and August. Every year, the contest gets bigger and bolder, with more teams, record breaking numbers, and a community of like-minded hunters forming across the globe to participate in some friendly competition. This year, the playing field will be leveled, with multiple ways to win in order to assure that areas with limited birds, or teams with fewer hunters will not be at a disadvantage. Like us on Facebook to receive updates on rules and prizes, and instructions on how you can join the competition, and go to http://www.snmsmackdown.com/ for the contest website.


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