How To Pigeon Hunt



      Pigeon hunting isn't a new concept; in Europe and South America, pigeons are hunted for sport just as any other game bird. Guides often charge thousands of dollars for guided pigeon hunts. And these hunts are often worth every penny! Any hunter that has ever hunted any kind of bird will figure out very fast on how to hunt pigeons. There is really no art to this wingshooting activity. When you see a couple of guys set up in a corn field one morning and they are either hunting ducks or geese, why do you think they chose that field over another one that might be a mile or two down the road? Being hunters, they probably did their homework a couple days in advance. The key to any type of hunting is Scouting  . You have to know where the birds are. If you do that right, then 80% of your work is already done.  The places that we suggest for you to start looking for the feral pigeon is any Diary or Feedlot  , a ny grain fields that was recently cut, Abandoned buildings, Barns, and even areas around Cliffs.Those are just a few key places to begin looking for the feral pigeon. We have killed hundreds of pigeons in each of these locations; it just all depends on where you live. You may find out that there are other key spots where the pigeons in your area can be found. But the one main point is: the feral pigeon is found where ever you may go. This bird can live in pretty much any climate all around the world,  and pigeons breed all year long! 


Everybody always asks us "What is your checklist for pigeon hunting when you go out"?  Well here you go...

- 6 dozen of the SNM Rock full body decoys

- 1 dozen of the SNM White Posse full bodies

- 2-3 mojo Teal motion decoys

- Killzone layout blinds/ Montana Moo Moo cow decoys

- Modified / SK2 choke tubes from Trulock

- Federal Shells (6-8 shot in low to high brass)

- 12-20 gauge shotguns



If this doesnt answer all your questions on pigeon hunting over decoys, you can get all you questions answered and read all about peoples question and answers about this sport at Pigeon Hunting 101 on Facebook.



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