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That's the last of them. Five dozen SNM full body pigeon decoys, stand poised as the morning sun just started to top the eastern horizon. If you are one of the many people that have never pigeon hunted, or decoyed pigeons, you need to wake up and smell the gun smoke. Pigeon shooting is no new thing, across the pond Europeans have been hunting pigeons, and using pigeon decoys for years. Hunting pigeons here in the US has been kept under a tight lip for way too long. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of guys who know the thrill of killing a hundred or two hundred pigeons in an afternoon. The only reason hunting pigeons hasn't caught on like in Europe and South America , is because these guys who are doing it, just aren't saying a word about it. I'm not talking about shooting pigeons out of your neighbor's barn; I'm talking about setting decoys and having them lite in groups of fifty or more. Pigeons decoy better than ducks, actually when you consistently kill pigeons, you will find that ducks are just plain slow. Here at Soar No More, we have taken pigeon shooting, and pigeon hunting to a new level. Producing the most cutting edge pigeon decoys, and now offering European Wood Pigeon decoys, we have the tools for your next addiction. We are convinced that once you put out your first spread of pigeon decoys, and top your first hundred in a afternoon and watching your young retriever crash in the kennel in the back of the truck because she just retrieved one hundred plus birds back to back, you will be hooked. And don't blame us if the next time your duck hunting buddies have some hot spot lined up they call... and they find you hunting pigeons.

Having observed, studied, raised and hunted pigeons over many years, Soar No More Wingshooting Co. has experimented with decoying techniques for feral pigeons. Through these years of trial and error, Soar No More has developed an effective pigeon decoy that works tremendously in both convenience, and as a hunting tool. These decoys have been field tested, and are proven to decoy pigeons where ever they may be found.


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