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 Ryan Egan.... I grew up in Southeast Iowa chasing Monster Bucks, Thunder Chickens, and waterfowl.  I have done it all.  One thing I fell in love with, during the last 15 years, is decoying pigeons.  I wouldn't give it up for a better day of goose hunting.  You may think I am crazy, but if you haven't tried it, you don't know what you are missing.  I'm talking, bunches of five, to a hundred and five, at ten yds, in your face.  Plus banded birds....   If I'm not hunting, I'm scouting.  I do it all for the thrill.  Finding that one field full of pigeons, there is nothing better. 













 Richard Philurn...From the wetlands to the mountains, i found myself growing up under my farther in the great outdoors of New Zealand; chasing stags to decoying wary mallards. in my recent hunting adventures i was tagged along on a pigeon shoot. countless of encounters that had whirring of wings over the decoys,slabs of shells been emptied in a matter of hours.i was hooked on this type of hunting. It has become my familys ritual to be out scouting pigeons or setting up for new comers to have at the action. needless to say hunting is a way of life for me no matter what we are hunting, i'm always willing to help others in the field and learn along the way.




    Ben Riesterer...   I live in Central WI where there is plenty of hunting opportunities, and I have hunted just about anything you can possibly hunt from deer to waterfowl. Waterfowl hunting has always been my passion though. Watching the birds decoy and react to our calling is an unbeatable feeling. After trying pigeon hunting for the first time I was hooked. Pigeons work the decoy spreads exactly like waterfowl, accept they work no matter what you can be standing in your spread and the birds will still work. You can’t beat feeling of putting birds in the laps of you and your friends. Plus No seasons and No limits how much better can it get. If you’re a duck hunter, goose hunter,  or wing shooter I highly recommend giving pigeon hunting a try, you will not be disappointed.






   Daegan Bowman...  My whole life I have been addicted to decoying birds. Ducks and Geese have been a way of life for me ever since I could handle a shotgun in the marsh, however due to the limited season I have sought at after other ways to satisfy my thirst for wing shooting during the off season. I found that pigeon hunting is a very effective and fun way to accomplish this. Keep in mind these three things that make pigeon hunting a blast, NO SEASONS, NO RULES, NO LIMITS!!! What more can a bird hunter ask for? The answer, nothing! With Soar No More it takes decoying birds to a whole other level. So during the off season get out and try the sport of decoying pigeons because there truly is NO OFF SEASON!!!





 ALAN Turberville... Born and raised in central Arizona where waterfowl hunting is a way of life for me. As a father of three boys, pigeon shooting has not only become a passion, but a great way to introduce my boys to the sport of wing shooting. With no off season, pigeon shooting is the best way to keep me and my boys busy year round. Soar No More Decoys takes pigeon shooting to a whole new level. The only problem with using SNM Decoys... running out of ammo.







 Todd LaRue... Grew up in Central lower Michigan hunting almost every thing u can hunt. Waterfowl was my real passion for sure. Decoying birds and the fact they banded birds is what kept me interested. Few yrs back had some buddies ask me to go on a pigeon hunt, i thought it was kinda weird but i went, boy was i glad i did. Shooting them around the farm is one thing but seeing them decoy was unreal. Now when i go scouting for geese or ducks i find myself looking for pigeons. No Season, No Limit.......cant beat that!





 Erik Bauer... Hi my name is Erik Bauer and I got into pigeon hunting after i saw how fun it is to shoot them with shotguns. Once i finally bout my first dozen of Soar No More decoys i was hooked for life. My shotgun never gets put in my safe and the grind of pigeon hunting is 365. \Getting people into pigeon hunting is my passion as well as pulling big numbers. If you havent pigeon hunted before you need to ask someone to tag along and get into this fun sport!






 Matthew Lupton...Ever since I was old enough to hunt waterfowl and upland game, I was out the door every chance I had with my parents and grandparents. When I was first told about pigeon hunting I was pretty skeptical about giving it a try. But after constant nagging by a freind I finally gave it a try (Not knowing that to this day I would be as addicted to this sport as I am). But I would rather go on a good pigeon hunt over a good duck or goose hunt. One hunt is all it takes over the SNM full body pigeons and you will have yourself a new favorite pass-time. No season, No limits No rules. It can't get much better than that!





Brian Klein...  I spend all my free-time in the wonderful world of the outdoors.  My passion for hunting and fishing began early in life.  I learned the ways of an outdoorsman from my father and uncles.  I grew up around English Setters and lived for those Sunday evenings when my Dad would return home from some form of hunting excursion; I longed for the days when I could join. I currently spend as much time in the woods and on the water as I possibly can.  I hunt and fish all over this great nation.  I am an avid Upland and Waterfowl hunter and also run a part time guide service for Canada Geese, Snow geese or Upland birds.  I have been an avid pigeon hunter for approximately 15 years. I love the ability to hunt pigeons year round.  I do some pigeon hunting in fall but the majority of my pigeon hunts are done in spring, summer, and winter.  I particularly love decoying those birds! 




 Eddie Wise (in middle)... Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd say "I am a Pigeon hunter". But let me tell you that it takes only one hunt! I live in central PA where goose hunting is at its all time high right now. With 14 years of waterfowl hunting experience behind me, figuring out how to Pigeon hunt didn't take much time. Scout, get permission, set the decoys up and "Let it Rain"!  After the first hunt, it was all over for me, decoys were on order, Mojo's were being bought, and just one more thing for my wife to complain about that I spend too much money on! My father has taught me so much about hunting, and we have spend countless hours in the field together, but on his first Pigeon hunt I never saw him have so much fun in his life. This is what its all about, having fun, making new friends and just enjoying wingshooting at its finest. Being involved in the outdoor industry in a few different ways,  joining this staff of guys was just one more thing I could take pride in and make a difference. As a hunter, we should all try to get kids involved in the outdoors and this is one sport that can be very fast pace and entertaining for them. Get out, find birds and "Make it Rain"!



  Kade Pursers (on right)...  My parents bought Me a BB gun when I was eight years, if they only would of known what that would create they probally wouldn't of done it. Starting with pop cans I started moving up in the ranks from chasing geese, to mule deer, to fishing for Tiger Muskies, I then started going after pigeons, from catching them to shooting them. I then realized how addicting it was.   





  Andy Bevilacqua... I grew up in a small country town in New York. I am a avid waterfowl hunter and been hunting ducks and geese for about 10 years now. In the off season, i was depressed knowing another hunting season was gone and it would be awhile till i got back out in the field again. It wasnt until my cousin and I realize "why dont we shoot pigeons in the off season to keep are shooting skills up"... And boy was it all down hill from there. We started going to local farms to pass shoot Pigeons as they flew over but That got old after a while.  Then we found someone (Soar No More) was selling decoys for pigeon hunting.  All i can say at this point is once you have decoyed pigeon over the SNM decoys, Duck hunting seems to be...Slow.  Pigeon hunting is the best decoy hunting that Ive ever done!





  Steven Hunt (on right) ... I grew up in Hooper Utah. Where theirs really nothing much to do but hunt. I'm an avid bird hunter.I hunt everything from waterfowl to upland to pigeons I love to hunt them all. I started hunting pigeon for something to do in the off season of hunting waterfowl and to help the framer with the local pigeons around the barns. But learn to enjoy it very much. With no limit, no rule, and no season why not hunt them. One hunt over the soarnomore decoy and you will be hook for 






Nick Keller...I'm an avid wingshooter from central MN. I've been hunting ducks and geese for the last 15 years religiously. Out of season, I was always out shooting trap. I found a few years back that hunting pigeons in the off season is an awesome way to keep my shooting up to par, and keep my pooch in tune. If you haven't hunted pigeons, you might think we're all crazy... Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed!!!







Marshall Hintze...I grew up in southeastern Minnesota going with my father on deer, pheasant, and waterfowl hunts. Whenever dad would stop and talk to farmers I always remember taking my red ryder to thin down the sparrow, starling and pigeon populations. As time went by, not much changed except now I was carrying a shotgun. My first bird I ever hit in flight was a pigeon and since then I always find myself scanning silos, barns and fields for these aerial acrobats. Wingshooting has always been my prefered hunting choice of hunting. It consumes my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My falls are usually spent chasing waterfowl, but spring, summer and winter its all about pigeon hunting. Now there are many ways to shoot pigeons but decoying is by far the best in my eyes. Nothing beats a pigeon all V'ed up (if you hunt them you know what i mean) and gliding into your setup and trying to hit more then just one when the scatter in every direction on the first shot. 



Team High Impact...  Jason - was born and raised in Canon City, Colorado. At a young age Jason was introduced to duck hunting, and was marveled at the idea that one could attract ducks, pigeons and geese into shooting range with a call and some decoys. Jason has built many relationships with fellow hunters along with introducing many young hunters into the wonderful sport of waterfowl hunting. Besides hunting, Jason loves spending time with family and friends. Jason also serves on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation committee and attends other conservation banquets throughout the state.

Chad -  have been hunting for over thirty years.  I have also became passionate in videotaping hunts and the outdoors over the past several years. A partner and I have since started a Outdoor Video company (High Impact Outdoors). We have top of the line equipment including two High Definition cameras including several other smaller cameras that are also High Definition. We have filmed and edited numerous hunts which have been placed online for viewing.
My goal is to continue to enjoy hunting and the outdoors. I also would like to continue to progress in the Industry aspect of the hunting field.
Nic - has lived in Colorado all my life and grew up hunting and fishing. I hunt most big game and waterfowl. My new addiction is PIGEONS.. I have just started this but i am hooked. Nothing like a group of them locked up coming into you decoys!! If you are like "You hunt what "? Then try it. Fresh birds teamed up with Soar No More decoys equal an awesome day.
Gene - With over 34 years of hunting experience, I can honestly say that I have done it all wrong way to many times.  All of those mistakes have made me the hunter I am today.  With the creation of Team High Impact, I feel like I have come full circle with my hunting.  My goal now is to do things as close to right as I can and get the entire experience on film.  Waterfowl is my passion, but with our new partnership with Soar No More, I can say with out any doubt that I LOVE PIGEON HUNTING!!!


 Nycal and Tyler Hartsteen...We have been hunting waterfowl for about 15 years now, primarily ducks in northeastern Oregon.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that our cousin Neal Hunt, introduced us to pigeon hunting.  Although skeptical at first, one hunt was all it took to get hooked.  The way the birds work the decoys is almost identical to that of waterfowl, all the way from the approach to breaking down over the decoys.  If you enjoy decoy hunting as much as we do, there is no better way to spend an off season.




 Alex Kane...I am from Southern Minnesota and I eat sleep and breathe waterfowling and pigeon hunting. I have been obsessed with waterfowling since my dad first started taking me with him when I was three years old. If I'm not out hunting or working you can guarantee that I am out scouting. The thing that I enjoy the most is decoying birds up close and personal. That is why I took to pigeon hunting like I did, since I first started pigeon hunting in high school I have been completely and utterly obsessed with it. There are very few things that compare to getting a flock of 50 pigeons to put their feet out at ten yards.  It is also an excellent opportunity to get kids involved in the outdoors and there is nothing like seeing the smile on a kids face when he gets his first bird.





 Bernie Reschke II...I grew up in northern New York were I work now as a mechanic and waterfowl guide. Its been a life long passion of mine to be in the outdoors. From chasing pigeons out of silos as a kid with a BB gun to now laying over decoys as they race in. Pigeon hunting I feel rivals the best wing shooting experience you can have because there are no limits and no season. Watching these ariel acrobats race into your spread makes the hair stand up on any ones neck. Its also a great way too introduce young hunters into the shooting world





Theodore Thorson...I live in central MN. Where I work as a fabricator, wingshooting consumes all of my time. I love all types of fowl but, about 15 yrs. Ago I found another love......pigeon hunting. There is something to me about seeing a bird locked up pitching in to your spread and thnking to yourself I did everything right. Growing up on the farm I never thought in a million years would I be sitting in a field waiting for some pigeons but, it is an awesome past time and great off season work for my yellow lab gunner.




 John Heidler... My pigeon hunting began a few years ago.. It was late season canada goose season, but things were very tough and the birds werent flying until after legal shooting time.  A buddy and I had seen a pile of pigeons on our one farm and decided to help pass time, we'd go ask if we could hunt and help the farmer out. Well after the farmer gave us the weirdest look ever, and said go ahead knock yourself out, We were looking for cardboard and sissors. We made a few homemade Pigeon decoys silo's and spray painted them differnt colors.  After the first volley I was hooked!  Since that day I have been hunting pigeons almost all year round.  Since then, i've had my mojos and the Soar No More decoys and have been putting a hurtin on them ever since come across a few bands and have expanded my hunting for pigeons into maryland.  If you've never done it, Give it a try... you wont regret it!




  Warren Power... Hi there my name is warren im from a place called Waterford in Ireland ,   im 35 years old and have been shooting for 7 years, I have been shooting pigeons from the start with my 26ft lbs air rilfe in around farms , just set up your pigeon decoys get into a comfortable position and knock them down all day long, also shoot woodies with my browning semi auto shot gun in the fields with my wood pigeon decoys , no seasons no limits it doesnt get better then that.









 Brock Perry... When I first hunted pigeons over decoys I was introduced to the Soar No More  Silo`s and I was pretty shocked at the results .Being a hardcore dove shooter at heart this was a whole new ball game for me .After a good mornings harvest on pigeons over decoys ,my addiction I found out was just really taking full swing .These wonderful decoys had birds coming in left and right all morning long within 20 feet of us and then it was the time for to go one step farther .Being a heavy trap ,skeet ,and pigeon shooter for a long time this world had brought to me a real aspect of this sport and how fun it really can be .Lots of time was spent on figuring out what to do in the past with the birds in our region ,where to put decoys and so forth ,having no stable platform for conventional clip on dove decoys we were at a disadvantage but it really opened my eyes to opportunities that we had missed for years not having a full body like the Soar No More .This style of hunting is a new age of hunting a new type of game to master and the challenges can be great to achieve maximum potential in your harvests.




 Tracy Doughty

Born in Louisiana, but grew up in Mississippi. I hunt deer, turkey, ducks and doves, but absolutely love bustin' pigeons! When I was a kid, my dad introduced pigeon hunting to me, and now I have passed it on to my son. He is now hooked for life like me! I have hunted pigeons in TX, LA, and MS. Decoying pigeons in your face, burning powder and stacking them up is awesome, so don't knock it until you try it. I promise if you do, you will be hooked! Hunt 365 with no rules, and no limits! Stay safe, play hard, but hunt even harder!




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