Neal Hunt Signature Series Pigeon Strutter-Pack

Neal Hunt Signature Series Pigeon Strutter-Pack


 Soar No More once again has taken pigeon hunting to the next level with the all-new Neal Hunt Signature Series Pigeon decoy system. Containing the worlds most realistic looking pigeon decoys due to body forms, and colors schemes, the Signature Series is also loaded with many other ground-breaking features.

 Signature Series specialty packs are designed to allow the hunter to customize their decoy spread with different poses and colors. to The Strutter-Pack is perfect as a stand alone decoy, or to combine with other pigeon-decoys packs

  - Each decoy is molded with a no-shine sand-blast finish, which provides a permanently flocked look, and completely eliminates any glare from the sun on the decoy.

 - The Signature Series uses metal round-based motion stakes, which allows for use on any surface or ground condition, and provides decoy motion with the slightest breeze.

  - Each decoy also contains a stable, flat bottom for quick and easy setup directly on the ground if desired.

  - The Strutter-Pack contains 6 decoys in a strutting pigeon pose: Three Light Blue-Bars, and three Dark Blue-Bars.

 With never before seen pigeon decoy poses, easy hunt features, a shine-free paint finish, and color pattern ratios that perfectly match feral pigeon flocks, the SNM Neal Hunt Signature Series Pigeon decoy set provides the most realistic, deadly, and incredible decoy spread the world has ever seen!


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