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SNM PRO Collared Dove

SNM PRO Collared Dove

Prepare yourself for the Eurasian Invasion. These large doves are considered an invasive species, and in most cases can be hunted year-round, and without limits. The SNM PRO COLLARED FULL BODY decoy is the most shape, and color detailed Eurasian-Collared dove decoy available on the market.  These decoys come equipped with a two-use positioning system: field stakes slide inside the tail while not in use, and they have a strong metal clip for attaching to wires or branches, or for hunting the roost.  This decoy package contains six (6) premium oversized (50%) decoys; each decoy is painted with the new SNM FuerzaMatte paint which provides the decoys with a glare-free finish for sunny days, and will hold-up for even the most extreme hunter. The new SNM PRO COLLARED FULL BODY will put Eurasian-Collared doves right in your lap.


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