Please Note: Any order for Dove Decoys placed after 8-16-19 are not guaranteed to arrive before the Sept. 1st Dove Season opener.

About Us


With over 30 years of pigeon hunting behind us, we've been able to build this company around something we love and have a great passion for. After realizing that we could go out on a pigeon hunt and end up with birds in our face 15 feet above our decoys, we knew it was time to put the waterfowl hunting on a stand still.  With no season, pigeon hunting is an activity we've been able to enjoy year round. It also helps that we're able to shoot as many we can get into our sites!  With our great love for this sport we knew we needed to put all our time and effort into making pigeon decoys and products for those who enjoy this sport as much as we do!

Having observed, studied, and raised pigeons for over fifteen years, Soar No More Wingshooting Co. has experimented with decoying techniques for rock feral pigeon.  Through these years of trial and error, Soar No More has developed an effective pigeon decoy that works tremendously in both convenience, and as a hunting tool. These decoys have been field tested, and are proven to decoy pigeons where ever they may be found.












Who We Are

Neal hunt - President & C.E.O.


 Neal Hunt started hunting as an eight year old boy with a BB gun, and hasn't stopped since. It was about that age that he developed his first decoy: little card board sparrows that he attached to bushes with clothes-pins.  He would get dropped off by his mom before light so he could find the bush he wanted to set up in out in a open weedy field. He would have the thorny bush covered in his homemade English Sparrow Decoys before sunrise. He would sit there with a little whistle around his neck calling is sparrows all morning long. Ever since then, hunting has become a focal point in his life. This love of birds, and wingshooting inspired him to help create Soar No More Wingshooting Co.




 Andy Phelps - Vice President & Executive Producer


A pigeon was the first flying object Andy ever hit with a shotgun. This experience instantly hooked him on hunting. Andy's first love, though, was always film making. Having earned his degree in Mass Communications/ Journalism from Boise State University, and over 20 years of video-making experience, Andy decided to combine his dream with one of his hobbies, and focus on Soar No More Video Adventures.



 Todd Gifford - Marketing Manager


Known as the Crowman, Todd started with SNM as the crow hunting specialist, whose role involved promoting, and educating customers about Soar No More's line of crow hunting products. However, as his expertise includes all things wingshooting, he has taken on the responsibility of marketing Soar No More, and promoting all of the sports we love.






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